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Ashworth & Associates, LLC Provides world-class services to the U.S. Navy, Department of Defense, and commercial clients

The core of the Ashworth Associates capabilities rests with our Quality Assurance Program which is intergral in the understanding of customers requirements, needs and problems.  The development of sound engineering practices  with corrective procedures and preventative measures in place to provide a quality product. Our progress is monitored with internal and external audits providing visibility to our senior management to ensure individual processes are providing a quality product and  continuions improvement from the first day of operations.  Root cause analysis and action taken or planned are accomplished and documented, and the improvement considered done when the customer is satisfied.

  • Quality Procedures are the most important parts of this overall process.
  • Our system requires us to use formal processes to measure customer satisfaction through and maintain that information for improving our processes.
  • The first thing we do at award is tailor our processes to those of our customer, and incorporate contract performance indicators, performance standards, acceptable quality levels, and surveillance methods into our formal quality procedure.
  • When a quality issue or potential quality issue is identified, the system requires generation of a Corrective Action Report (CAR) or Preventive Action Report (PAR). These reports are assigned to a responsible manager and that person is required to investigate and develop a proposed action.
  • for more information on our Quality Program click here.
  • Founded in 1998
  • Privately Owned
  • Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

Phone: 540-419-8043

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Ashworth Associates, LLC
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