Logistics Services

Ashworth & Associates LLC provides logistics support services to commercial markets and the defense industry.  Our logisticians and analysts support our clients by tailoring our many functional services to the specific client needs.  We have experience in many areas of application.


ILS Planning and Management

Ashworth develops, reviews, and updates Integrated Logistics Support Plans (ILSPs), Operational Logistics Support Plans (OLSPs), Operational Logistics Support Summaries (OLSSs), Operational Logistics Support Guides (OLSGs), and ILS detail specifications.  We have developed, implemented, and maintained a complete ILS management information system, and have performed extensive ILS planning and management support.

Logistics Support Analyses

Ashworth has performed LSAs and prepared for Logistics Support Analysis Reviews.  We are experienced in the application of MIL-STD 1388-series and in repair level analyses.  Additionally, our logisticians have provided management support services planning expertise for preparation of Logistics Support Analysis Plans (LSAPs) and Records (LSARs).  

Technical Data

Ashworth produces user-oriented system operation and maintenance manuals, written clearly and concisely.  For operator or system technical manuals for complex weapon control systems our Document Authoring and Review Tool (DART) completely automates the process of producing system technical manuals by introducing an electronic document environment early in the writing process, then maintaining the same environment through production of camera-ready copies or publication.  The methodology is based upon using a source material engineering team (SMET) consisting of knowledgeable engineers to translate engineering requirements and specifications into language that most operators could easily understand.  The SMET approach saved one customer over $2 million in the first year alone.  We are also adept in all phases of ILS technical documentation, from the ILS plans mentioned above to specifications, source data, and provisioning technical documentation.  

Automated ILS Support

Ashworth has introduced extensive usage of computerized logistics processes in most of our projects.  We make extensive use of models such as our life-cycle cost models and logistics support cost models to aid in the decision-making process.  We develop, operate, and maintain computer networks dedicated to some phase of logistics support in each one of our facilities, and are currently providing major software development support for an advanced weapon control system.

Training and Training Devices

Ashworth training specialists prepare training materials for major strategic and tactical weapon systems.  We have trained the majority of employers of a major weapon system, from simple operation and maintenance of the system to operational employment.  We make as many as 40 training visits in a single year to naval units to train the crews in new functionality added to their weapon system by major software upgrades.  In addition, we have produce tactical scenarios designed to challenge weapon system operators and decision makers in an environment as close to real-world combat as possible.  We conduct training in both classrooms and in the field world-wide and prepare all forms of training materials to teach weapon system methodologies.


Ashworth has produced facility plans, engineering drawings for major weapon system laboratories, and site plans for engineering facilities.  Our facility engineers are experienced in the planning for and execution of five- year facility management plans which meld major program plans with facility planning requirements to ensure that the engineering facilities required to support system development are in place and operating perfectly when they are needed.   

On-Line Logistics Services

Ashworth logisticians and engineers working together designed and developed a prototype electronic documentation network (EDN) used for the creation, distribution, and review of system technical manuals and related source material.  EDN is used by a nation-wide engineering community to ensure that the system technical manuals are delivered with the new software release and accurately reflect operation of enhancements.  Design for EDN was based on a re-engineering of an old logistics process for producing documentation and automating the newly re-engineered process.  An advanced weapon system soon to be released will contain on-line documentation, training tutorials, and operating procedures embedded in the tactical system developed by ASHWORTH logisticians and software engineers, an advanced application of our unique marriage of logistics and software engineering.