Software Services

Ashworth & Associates LLC provides software support services for the defense industry.  Our software engineers and analysts support our clients by tailoring our many functional services to the specific client needs.  We have experience in many areas of application.

Software Life-Cycle Support

Ashworth provides a complete line of services in software life-cycle support, from system concept definition through the development stages of system realization (using our own standard engineering practices and processes) and into the phases of system deployment and operational support.  We have designed and developed several software systems ranging from small systems designed to be executed in a personal computer to large-scale systems used to communicate and control missiles in a Navy Battlegroup.  We stay on the cutting edge of software technology, and actively seek ways to apply the lessons we have learned from Defense work to the commercial sector.

Computer-Aided Processes

Ashworth 's software development environment is paperless, and is designed to be completely compatible with our clients' systems.  This emphasis on compatibility has been shown to save scarce resources and contribute significantly to making schedule commitments.  An Ashworth principal supported development of an application called Engineering Development Network (EDN), which was designed, developed, prototyped, and used in a major DoD program.  EDN assists system designers in producing design documentation including specifications and design documents, in a fully-automated, electronic environment.  The system also assists in maintaining linkages to higher level requirements through a requirements traceability function.

Software Documentation

We use a methodology called SYSDOC to translate highly technical and complex system specifications into language users and end-users find easy to comprehend.  In modern software development, using object- oriented analysis and design methods does not always produce readable documentation, but the SYSDOC methodology uses a source material engineering team to guarantee user-friendly documentation will be delivered at the same time the system is ready to be deployed.  The process used is completely paperless until the system technical manual is ready to be printed, saving large amounts of development dollars. 

Systemic Solutions

Ashworth designs and integrates customized solutions for every aspect of software-based systems.  We engineer solutions for embedded computers, from microcomputers to special purpose, computer-controlled devices, as well as for mini-computer and mainframe applications.  We are experienced in designing systems for parallel computing applications, and for designing applications to take optimal advantage of parallel computing architectures.  Our solutions are fitted to our customers’ specific requirements using open architecture techniques for both hardware and software, thereby eliminating excess, unused capacity while still allowing for growth.

Software Interoperability

Ashworth software engineers are experienced in troubleshooting complex, interoperable software systems, and designing determining solutions to compatibility problems.  Continuing advances in hardware capability have tempted software designers to produce more complex applications, often without proper consideration for the interaction of multiple applications.  At Ashworth, we consider software interoperability in the design of custom software systems, and in the design of enhancements to existing systems which contain interoperability problems.  We are among the industry leaders in finding solutions to interoperability problems.

Software Quality Improvement

At Ashworth we have adopted the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model for quality improvement.  Our software engineers are active in our customers' SQI programs, and form a dynamic Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) to monitor our own progress.